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Anchor Honeycomb Cardi by Sonia Rykiel


Many of mainstream fashion's interpretations of the fifties pin-up look rely on a very literal interpretation, amping up the sex appeal. This Anchor Honeycomb Cardi from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel uses more subtle elements, to create a retro piece with versatility.

The cream boating jacket provides an ideal base for cute nautical details like captain's jacket style buttons and an anchor motif. The result provides a piece of outerwear that can be adapted for a number of retro styles, from fifties to eighties looks.

It's available online in the UK from My Wardrobe for £301.

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Slash Neck Dress from ASOS


While the 1960s was all about sharp tailoring and structure, it was the seventies that saw a boost in creative draping and full fabrics from designers like Halston and the disco era looks. That was a trend that carried well into the 1980s, with looks much like this Slash Neck Dress from ASOS proving ever popular.

The use of stretch knitted fabric allows for seventies style draping in the batwing top to be perfectly counterbalanced by the sexier eighties sensibilities of the tight skirt and sleeves. The result is a dress that's vampish and glamorous, without being garish or clichéd. The colour options finish off the eighties feel, in dark coral pink and power blue.

Get yours from ASOS now for £35.

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Stina Spot Neck Jumper from Monsoon


Finding the more everyday options for a fully dedicated retro wardrobe can often be the most difficult, with the myriad options for eveningwear now available. If you're after the ideal accompaniment for your capri pants or pencil skirt for the daytime, this Stina Jumper from Monsoon could be a contender.

The simple and chic slim knit of the jumper is only enhanced by a scoop neck to add some of the fifties' signature sex appeal. The addition of a polka dot ribbon detail and bow at the neckline creates an instantly vintage inspired look, without being too over the top for every day wear.

Get it now from Monsoon for £45.

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Fluted Maxi Dress from ASOS


Maxi dresses have become a staple on the high street over the past few years, and are now branching out in their sources of inspiration. While many provide a slightly hippy style, this Fluted Maxi Dress from ASOS taps into a sleek seventies aesthetic.

Made from a fine knit fabric, the dress is light enough for everyday wear while being luxurious enough to carry the weighty flow of seventies Winterwear. With a simple, longsleeved fit, the moss green or black shades have a hint of later beatnik chic.

Get it online from ASOS for £46.

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Knit Pencil Skirt from American Apparel


There's nothing like the figure-enhancing fit of a wiggle dress or pencil skirt for a killer retro look. Capturing the vampy silhouettes of the fifties and sixties, it can be a challenge to find your ideal fit. This Knit Pencil Skirt from American Apparel promises that same look for all shapes thanks to the curve-hugging fabric.

Available in three shades of camel, pink and mauve, the skirt uses a blended rayon fabric – made to hug your shape without feeling restrictive. The fabric's flat knit prevents the skirt from looking knitted, allowing no compromise to the vintage inspired appearance.

It's available now from American Apparel in the UK for £42.

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Sleeveless Knit Dress by Apricot


With the return of wools and knits on the rails for the Autumn/Winter high street season there's a new range of options available in retro dresses. This Sleeveless Knit Dress from Apricot is an ideal choice for a seventies folk style look that's heavy enough for the cooler months.

With a subtle wintery border pattern of snowflakes, the oversized collar cut and mid thigh hemline are accentuated. The knitted fabric clings to the figure without looking over the top, while the wide circular neck has a hint of post-sixties retro flavour.

It's available now from New Look for £26.

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