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Adidas reissues classic trainers as London 2012 Team GB range


Trust us, 2012 will be the year when you can't open a paper, turn on a TV or view a website without mention of the London 2012 Olympics. OK, not quite that, but the merchandising will hit fever pitch. Adidas has got in early, adapting some of its classic trainers into the Team GB range.

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“London Olympics: 1908 and 1948” from Shire

If the scramble for Olympics tickets has left you disappointed and disillusioned with the 2012 event, then perhaps this new title from Shire books might suffice.

“London Olympics: 1908 and 1948” looks back at the other two occasions when the capital has hosted the games. London stepped into host the games in 1908 when Italy had to pull out because Vesuvius had erupted. The entire budget for the 1948 Games was £760,000, and they turned a profit of £29,000.

For more titbits of trivia such as these, buy the book for £6.99 from Shire Books.