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Skylon print by Paul Catherall

This Skylon print by Paul Catherall is another striking piece of artwork created to mark the 60th anniversary of Festival of Britain.

The Skylon tower was built as part of the Festival of Britain but lasted only a year before being taken down It now just survives on London's Southbank as the name of the Royal Festival Hall resturant. Catherall's linocut makes it look like the futuristic creation it must have appeared like back then – he says he was aiming to capture the adventure and spirit of optimism of the festival. The colours used are perfect to reflect the period of Skylon and help create a striking piece of artwork. 

The print is limited to 60 and costs £195. 

Buy it from The Southbank Centre

Categories / Architecture, Art and Photography

Hayward 2 print by Paul Catherall

Hayward pring

Cast your mind back and you may remember Paul Catherall's print of the Trellick Tower. He's now taken on another iconic London building with this limited edition print called Hayward 2.  

The Hayward Gallery opened in July 1968 as part of the Southbank Centre and its construction is typical of Brutalist architecture. Here the gallery is shown using bold and bright colours more associated with the art shown inside the gallery than with its grey concrete exterior, making it a pretty attractive piece of art for your walls too. 

The lino print is limited to 75 prints with each print costing £195. 

Buy it from the Southbank Centre