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Classic Nintendo Game Boy cases for iPad 2 and iPhone 4 at Lootiful


So, you've spent a small fortune on the latest Apple gadgets, can it get any better? Of course it can, you can make them look like old school gadgetry with these classic Nintendo Game Boy cases for iPad 2 and iPhone 4.

What does it do? It makes your iPhone or iPad look like a Game Boy. The iPhone 4 is available now, a slim case with 'Lay-on-table' design (the screen will not touch when face-down), offering full access to the touchscreen, ports and buttons. Of course, it also keeps your iPhone safe from damage, which is the main thing.

The iPad 2 case isn't yet available, but looks to offer more of the same, albeit on a larger scale. The iPhone 4, while stocks last, sells for $17.99. No price as yet for the iPad version. Get one quick if you want one – this doesn't sound licensed, so might not be around for much longer. See a shot of the iPad case over the page.

Find out more at the Lootiful website

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ReCover iPhone4 Case – turn your phone into a retro gadget


Interesting idea, if you think your mobile phone is looking just a little too 'modern', you can always stick on a ReCover iPhone4 Case and throw it back in time.

It's a practical item, designed to protect our investment from bumps and scratches – just clip it on (it doesn't block your camera) and you are away. But once on, with the aid of those clever graphics, your phone starts to look like a game controller, a calculator or an SLR camera. Depending on which one you buy obviously.

Talking of buying, each one costs £12.99.

Find out more at the Firebox website

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Free Super 8 vintage film shooting app for iPhone and iPad


It's actually a movie tie-in, but the Super 8 app for the iPhone and iPad is still one of the best apps around. Best of all? It's free too, making it a better proposition than the similar iSupr8 app.

Essentially it turns your mobile phone or tablet into a super 8 film camera, without the film obviously. You shoot at the touch of a button, with the option to switch lenses, throw in filters and add someshake effects.  When you are done, you send it off to be developed (another push of a button), then you can view it in your projector room (on our phone) or export it to a computer / share it with friends.

Seven lens effects in total, plus three animated filters, a scratch and dirt overlay and those shake effects offer real authenticity and as we said – it's absolutely free. Only free for a limited time though, so grab it now.

Find out more at the iTunes website

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Atari’s Greatest Hits app – 100 classic arcade games for the iPhone and iPad


Vintage gamers rejoice – your spare time is about to be sucked up with arrive of Atari's Greatest Hits for Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Not just one or two games – there are 100 available as part of this release. The app is free to download, but you only get the framework and an introductory game of Pong for that. If you want the rest of the games, you'll have to buy in-app, four packs costing 59p or all 100 cabinet / Atari 2600 games for £8.99. For that, you get the original artwork for each game, plus an authentic cabinet to play in.

Some of the games are Bluetooth-compatible too, so you can play with your mates wirelessly (as long as they've picked up the app too). See over the page for the full list of available games, with the app and games available now from the Apple app store.

Find out more at the iTunes website

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Etch A Sketch iPhone case


You might remember that we featured an Etch A Sketch iPad case some time back, which turned the fashionable tablet into a vintage kids toy. At least in looks anyway. Well, somehow we missed its little brother – the Etch A Sketch iPhone case.

In essence, it does the same thing to your iPhone as it did with the iPad. Although let's be honest, the proportions aren't quite the same with the tablet and iPhone versions. Still, it's guaranteed to catch the eye when you pull out your iPhone on the bus or trains.

Officially licensed and made of impact resistant ABS plastic, you can grab one for $24.99 online.

Find out more at the ThinkGeek website

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Space age-inspired INQ Cloud Touch and INQ Cloud Q mobiles phones by ChauhanStudio


Some of you might recall the Colombo home phones by ChauhanStudio in 2008. The Joe Colombo-inspired handsets were first featured on our Switched On Set site and went down a storm, not least over here too. Well, the same designers are back with new phones, this time playing with the mobile and producing the INQ Cloud Touch and INQ Cloud Q. Best of all? They'll be pretty cheap to buy.

Like the Colombo, the handsets are once again inspired by 1970s space age design, you can imagine either sat next to some period Artemide lighting and not looking out of place (if they had mobiles phone then, obviously). But these are very modern handsets with deep Facebook integration as soon as you switch on, Spotify integrated into the handsets (via a dedicated key) and the Android operating system, so you can access all the apps on the Google platform.

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