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String shelving system – an affordable mid-century classic


While many of the classic designs sell for a premium price, the String shelving system remains affordable – because you can build it up over time.

Designed in 1949 by Nisse Strinning, this Swedish classic remains popular because it remains so useful. Fix the ladder-like legs to the wall, then add and swap shelves and storage units on them as our demands change, mixing shelves of different depths and adding extra length on the unit when you need that extra storage.

It’s also incredibly stylish and available in a choice of materials, ranging from black and white shelves, to walnut and oak. Even the ladders vary, from an authentic black to a more modern chrome.

Only available from authorised dealers in each country, you can pick up a starter kit of shelves for around £60, with a ladder retailing for around £35.

Find out more about the String system at the Funktion Alley website