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Julia Davey VW Vans & Caravans Ceramics

Julia Davey has produced a small collection VW Vans & Caravans Ceramics, similar in style to her Retro Robot Ceramics we featured in the past.

This collection currently consists of a jug, a mug and a bowl, although other items may be added in the future. The designs start off as pen and ink drawings which are then scanned and transferred onto the ceramics. A particularly nice touch is that as well as the design on the outside, there is a van or caravan on the inside of the piece too. The bowl costs £16, mug £17 and jug £19.

Buy them online from Julia Davey’s website.

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Iittala Maribowl

Iittala’s Maribowl is a classic of Finnish design, having been in production since the 1960s, and also has associations with that other great Finnish design company, Marimekko, as its founder , Armi Ratia, made the bowls even more desirably by using them at her famous garden parties.

Perhaps some of the Maribowl’s continued popularity is that it works as either a decorative item or a functional serving bowl – I’m picturing it filled with a huge ice cream sundae. It is available in a variety of different colours with the price being dependent on how difficult it to manufacture glass in that colour, red being the most tricky pigment to use.

Prices range from £16 for smaller Maribowls in shades of blue, green and grey through to £49 for a deep red colour, with shades of yellow, orange and brown priced somewhere in between, at Hus and Hem.

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Umbra Fishcondo – modernist house-shaped fish bowl discounted once more at Achica


Regular readers will remember that we featured the Umbra Fishcondo when it was discounted at Achica just after Christmas. Well, Achica has just started another Umbra sale for the next day or so – and the Fishcondo is discounted once more.

As we mentioned back then, this is a modernist-style house for your fish, designed by Teddy Luong and with the option to add other floors by simply buying an extra one. The inner glass bowl is removable for cleaning, with the outer shell made of durable ABS plastic.

Achica has it discounted until the end of tomorrow, down from £49 to £25. Note that you’ll have to sign up to view (and buy from) Achica, but that’s free and very quick if you’ve not done it before. Fish, of course, are extra.

Achica website

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Manhattan Dining Collection from Marks and Spencer


A striking contrast to some of their recent floral designs, Marks and Spencer are offering this Art Deco influenced Manhattan dining collection.

The designs are all straight lines and streamlined stripes and all the glamour you'd associate with that period. The shape of the teapot and the milk jug especially look to the more angular modernist style. Even better for a collection with such striking looks is that it's all dishwasher and microwave safe.  

Some items in the collection seem to be going out of stock, so grab what you can now. Prices start at £6 for a bowl. 

See the range online