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Nintendo NES reversible messenger bag


Love 8-bit console games? Tell the world with this Nintendo NES reversible messenger bag.

Essentially, it's a messenger bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and room for a laptop up to 15 inches. But it's all about the design. One side is the classic NES controller, the other side is a pattern made out of tiny controllers. What's not to love?

If you want one, $36.99 gets you one.

Find out more at the ThinkGeek website

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ThinkGeek iCade – turn your Apple iPad into an Atari-powered arcade machine


Originally an April Fool's Day joke by ThinkGeek, the company has actually turned it full circle and produced a working model of the iCade. Best of all – it's soon going to be available to buy very soon.

As you might have guessed, it's a vintage-style arcade cabinet for your Apple iPad. Produced in conjunction with Ion and Atari, the iCade uses Bluetooth to communicate with the iPad, transferring classic arcade games (like Asteroids for example) to your iPad screen, arcade controls giving you a genuine arcade experience. The APU is going to be released too, allowing any Apple developer to create iCade-compatible games.

Lokk out for it from April (for real this time), priced at $99.99.

Find out more at the ThinkGeek website

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Donkey Kong wall decals at Supernice


Want to turn your home into a old school video game? Get yourself to Supernice, which has these rather cool Donkey Kong wall decals.

It's the 25th anniversary of Mario this year – and Donkey Kong was his introduction to the world. Indeed, you'll see him in all his pixelated glory next to the large gorilla if you opt for a set.

The Donkey Kong pack includes 42 moveable and reusable stickers, which you can arrange to cover the best part of a room. £55.50 gets you a set online.

Find out more at the Supernice website

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Deco-style Starburst range at Next

Starburst range

If you're looking to add some retro glamour to your home and don't want to spend a small fortune, you may want to take a look at the Starburst range at Next

The range takes its cue from the Art Deco movement, with lots of mirrored surfaces and sharp lines, and succeeds in creating some unusual pieces, such as the angular side table and the wall-mounted console pictured above. They've even got some starburst mirrors to help top off the look. 

For an idea of prices, the side table costs for £90, while the wall console retails for £250. 

Buy them online

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8-bit Hanger by Meninos


Lovers of vintage gaming will no doubt love this 8-bit Hanger by Meninos. As will lovers of quirky home furnishings.

Yes, it's just like the hand of an old Nintendo character – Mario, Luigi, whoever you like really. Made from MDF and acrylic, with a screw-in fitting, the hand is available to hold anything you like, but would probably look and work better with an extra hand or two in the hallway.

But if you just want the one, it will retail for $19.99 (£13.33).

Find out more at the Meninos website

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Nintendo NES cartridge harmonicas at Etsy


Here's a great spot of recycling – using old game cartridges to make musical instruments – the work of NESharmonica.

As the name suggests, these are old Nintendo NES cartridges, but mixed with  a Hohner harmonica tuned to the key of E to produce the novelty instrument.  They even throw in some instructions and sheet music, plus the original circuit board that features the game. Well, you never know when nostalgia takes hold.

Take your pick from a variety of games (including the Zelda pictured here), with prices starting at $24.99.

NESharmonica at Etsy