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Pleated Goddess Dress by Halston Heritage


Of the many legendary designers who defined the 1970s, it may just be the designs of Halston that most define the decade for many of us. Creating silhouettes, innovative fabric uses and a sense of high luxury that remains a signifier of the disco era, it can only be a welcome thing to have many of the designs back to buy thanks to Halston Heritage.

Delving into the Halston archives, they're bringing us designs inspired by the originals, but made from modern fabrics that allow for a perfected fit and feel. This Goddess Dress has a decadent Grecian feel, in a bronzed pleated fabric that flows with your walk.

It's available online in the UK from My Wardrobe for £472.

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Trudy Earrings from Fred Flare


Second hand shopping can often be a treasure trove for eighties fashion lovers, with plenty of original pieces still to be found among the rails of charity shops and vintage boutiques alike. When it comes to accessories like earrings, however, sometimes it's best to opt for faithful reproductions like these Trudy Earrings from Fred Flare.

Made with an art deco inspired edge, the original pair that inspired these reproductions were most likely made in the eighties. The turquoise and gold combination instantly speaks of the decadence of that era's fashion, while an oversized square shape is sure to get these noticed.

They're available now from Fred Flare for $10 a pair.

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Authentic vintage reproduction baseball caps by Ebbets Field Flannels


You can pick up a baseball cap just about anywhere – but nothing like these authentic vintage reproduction baseball caps by Ebbets Field Flannels.

They're reproductions of caps worn from days gone by, often featuring designs by teams or leagues no longer in existence. All premium stuff too, using original wool flannel broadcloth, with a goat hair buckram soft crown, satin undervisor and cotton sweatband. No sir adjuster either, you'll need to buy the one for your head size.

Pictured above, you'll find one for the Habana Leones, as worn in the Cuban League in 1940 and over the page, you'll see the Brooklyn Tip Tops cap fro, the Federal League in 1914. See all the range at the Superdenim site, price  for each one is £42.50.

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Ostrich Suitcase from Urban Outfitters


With the hundreds of unreliable wheeled luggage pieces around at the moment, there really is nothing quite like a well crafted vintage style case to see you right. This Ostrich Suitcase from Urban Outfitters more than makes up in style and craft what it lacks in modern features.

The faux-ostrich skin outer has great retro looks, while the lining and hardware don't put a foot wrong in the style stakes either. The size is ideal for a weekend bag or holdall, keeping all your bits and bobs looking achingly cool. Simple and chic is all you really need.

It's now available from Urban Outfitters for £48.

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