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Biba cards from Our Shop

Biba playing card

Re-purposing old playing cards into greeting cards is quite a common trick but these Biba cards from Our Shop are just too nice to be passed over.

Each card uses a Biba playing card that's been mounted onto brown kraft card as its focal point. Though the playing cards date to the 1960s, they've definitely got more of a 50s pin-up look. For obvious reasons, there's just one of each design with a wide range of attractive girls to pick from. 

The cards cost £5.10 each. 

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Biba bed linen at House of Fraser

We've been covering House of Fraser's Biba collections since they relaunched the brand last year. So far they've been concentrating on fashion but, true to the spirit of Big Biba, they're now moving into homewares with their new bed linen range

The linen very much takes its cue from Biba's own 70s take on Art Deco style. There are six different designs promised: the Adriana bed linen on the left uses the Biba logo for its pattern, while it's also reproduced in full on a selection of cushions.  

Prices start at £16 for a pillowcase while the logo cushions cost £40. 

See the range online

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Barbara Hulanicki for Graham and Brown Paint

Obsessive fans of Barbara Hulanicki’s work might be interested to know that as well as the wallpaper we’ve mentioned in the past, she has also created a range of paints for Graham and Brown.

As you would expect from the Biba founder, the Barbara Hulanicki Matt Emulsion colours tend towards the bold and dramatic with several shades of purple amongst the 24 options. Obviously once it is on your walls, the designer won’t be apparent, but the paint does come in a pot with Hulanicki’s signature design on the front.

It costs £23 per 2.5 litre pot from Graham and Brown.

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eBay watch: Large 1970s Italian wall shelving unit


Absolutely love this design. Indeed, if I had a room big enough to take it, I would be all this large 1970s Italian wall shelving unit for it.

As I said above, it's an Italian design from the 1970s, reminding me of Biba if you like – 70s with an art nouveau twist. You can imagine it getting pride of place in a hip, extravagant home 'back in the day'. Indeed, the seller claims it was 'probably originally from Heals'.

In terms of the details, it's 172cm in height and 242cm in length, as well as being a mix of glass shelves, glass dividers and that metal frame and dark base. It does come apart from easy transporting, you'll be pleased to know. Condition seems to be good, see the small print for the detail and the price right now is a 'buy it now' or 'best offer' of £1,200.

Find out more at the eBay website

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Barneby Gates Promenade wallpaper

More quirky wallpaper, this time courtesy of Barneby Gates and their Promenade design.

You may remember their This Other Eden wallpaper, which appeared to be composed of old photographs. This design also has a vintage appearance, looking like a traditional toile design. Peer a bit closer (there's a close-up over the page to help you) and you'll see an extraordinary range of characters, based on changing fashions of the twentieth-century. So you get a fully decked out teddy boy talking to a flapper boy, or a punk addressing an Edwardian lady. The characters promenade even takes them past iconic temples to fashion such as the Biba store. 

The design is great fun and is sure to be a talking point for many more years. It costs £65 a roll. 

Buy it from Rockett St George

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