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eBay watch: English Rose 1950s kitchen units

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The English Rose of Warwick kitchen is a 1950s British design classic. The units, which were manufactured by the same company who made the nose cones for the Spitfire, were built to the highest standards and made to last. 

This particular set is in the iconic cream and red combination. From the photos, it would seem the units require a little TLC but, with these complete sets becoming more sought after, this is a great opportunity to grab a slice of 50s nostalgia. If you fancy something a little different from the usual DIY store fitted kitchen, it's currently at £251 and is available for pick up only from Pembrokeshire.

Find out more from the eBay website.

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Whopping Retro Sweet Hamper by A Quarter Of


If you know someone with a sweet tooth, they'll have their sugar cravings well and try dealt with by this Whopping Retro Sweet Hamper by A Quarter Of.

It is indeed a whopper – a gigantic wicker hamper packed full of all kinds of traditional sweets. Around 55 different types of sweets, plus some other nostalgic items like a whoppee cushion, water bombs and a genuine old comic to really get you back to childhood.

It weighs in at a scary 13.6kg, selling for £99. See the website for the full breakdown of what you get. If that's a little rich (in money or sugar content), other hampers start at £38, while retro sweets generally start at pennies on the site.

Find out more at the A Quarter Of website

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‘Let’s go crabbing’ nostalgic seaside print at Coastal Creatives


With weather this warm, the sensible thing seems to be to try and head to the coast. This Let's Go Crabbing print, available at Coastal Creatives, is perfect for the summer, celebrating the Great British seaside resort and one of its great traditions. 

The hand-pulled screen print shows a nostalgic image of a sign advertising crabbing. The image is saved from being too twee by the bright red print. The same series of prints also includes signs selling ice creams and other tasty goodies or advertising surf hire. Everything you need to recreate that holiday feel at home. 

The print comes unframed and costs £36.  

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Fairy Liquid’s 50th anniversary and the return of the white bottle

Fairy liquid

It's the return of the bottle that launched a million model rocket ships with the aim of marking the 50th anniversary of Fairy Liquid

Yes, for a limited period, Fairy are selling their washing-up liquid in the white bottle with green lettering that everyone remembers from growing up. 

Shoppers in Morrisons may have spotted it already and it's soon also to be on the shelves at Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda, offering the perfect opportunity to bottle a bit of your childhood. 

Find out more from the Fairy website

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Retro childhood poem tea towel


If your childhood memories date to slightly further back than the characters featured in the Saturday Mornings in the 80s paper cut, this retro childhood poem tea towel may be more to your taste.

Drawing on memories of the 1970s, it shows a poem which waxes lyrical about some of the childhood delights from that decade: pogo sticks and space hoppers, black jacks and fruit salad sweets, the Beano and Jackie magazines and so on. The nostalgia fest is topped off with an image of the 70s favourite bike – the chopper.

This trip down memory lane costs just £6. 

Buy it from Rockett St George